Optimize your most dynamic and profitable processes

Your hardest process challenges are our specialty
Breakthrough optimization is hard

Continuous improvement is the status quo at most plants. Every year, hundreds of incremental optimization projects are evaluated, and some are implemented.

But what would it take to increase your plant’s margin by 5%?

That’s what we’re aiming for.

Whether your plant processes oil, natural gas, olefins, polymers, LNG, renewable fuels, or ammonia your operators likely adjust units daily or hourly in an effort to optimize production and maximize margin. The lack of real-time economic cross-unit optimization means you are probably leaving money on the table.

Risk-free model

No obligation EVALUATION

If you qualify for our evaluation program, you get detailed scoping, modeling, closed-loop commissioning, and 3 months of continuous improvement before any payment decision

No upfront expenses

You pay a fixed annual subscription for an all-inclusive Deep Learning Process Control® solution and service for your application

Measure benefits in months

You can be up and running with your first Deep Learning Process Control® application running in closed loop in just 4 to 6 months

Optimize non-linear processes with AI

Most optimization initiatives begin from the bottom up, working their way from a single column into a larger part of the plant. This incremental approach is often a “solution looking for a problem” and will rarely end up moving the needle of the site’s economics. At Imubit, we are not interested in marginal improvements. Our expertise lies in discovering the hardest economic problems and opportunities that nobody considers solvable and working with you to solve them.

Unlike generic AI solutions that provide open-loop recommendations, we have developed a first-of-its-kind AI optimization solution that gets commissioned in closed loop. The Imubit Deep Learning Process Control® Platform uses your historical plant data to create a deep learning model of your process and optimize it in closed-loop, driven by planning, with full operator controllability.

We are happy to share more details about our technology and industry application. Click here for your next meeting with Imubit.

There was 60 years of refinery experience that walked in the door with Imubit for the kick-off meeting. Their industry and operations experience made them credible with the team and kept every conversation focused on taking our plant to the next level.”

– Process engineering lead

Breakthrough optimization requires:

Next-level insights into true potential

A deeper analysis than what is possible with current planning models and simulation

Perfect alignment of site team

We engage the appropriate team members from planning and economics, process engineering, operations, process control, and management

Next-generation technology

A solution that understands the complexities and nuance of hydrocarbon processing plants – on both the commercial and operational sides
The Imubit Deep Learning Process Control® Platform

Our solution optimizes dynamic non-linear processes in closed-loop and adds tens of millions of dollars to your plant’s bottom line. Your first application can be up and running in just a few months, with no additional headcount.

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