Explore new optimization opportunities

Explore your highest incentive optimization opportunities and align planning and economics, process control, process engineering, and operations around a common optimization strategy
High-value opportunities don’t unlock themselves

We use our deep refining and chemical processing expertise and Deep Learning Process Control® Platform (DLPC) to facilitate pre-project research, conduct economic validation studies, and gain organizational alignment around high-value optimization strategies.

Generalized first-principle economic models

We have developed first-principle economic models which consider process constraints, operation modes, feeds, and products. We use these models to isolate the extrinsic and intrinsic economic variabilities, discover new optimization opportunities, and define your initial universal objective function.

Steady-state baseline models

Assessing true value of a closed-loop optimizer is tricky, because current conditions differ from those of the historical baseline. Our models compare the value of running DLPC to the scenario of not running DLPC, under current feedstock, process, and market conditions.

Performance dashboards

Customized dashboards let you track the benefit and unique KPIs for each application, perform economic debottlenecking, and analyze constraints. Our dashboards help you devise strategies to adapt to feedstock, equipment and global or regional economic changes.

Imubit’s team understands what we’re trying to do from an operating and an economics perspective. Their deep learning process technology and their approach have aligned everyone from planning and operations around a shared goal.”

– Process control and optimization manager

A step-change in plant optimization requires purpose-built AI in the hands of the industry experts

Imubit is built for hydrocarbon processors who are looking for new solutions to unlock margin from their assets. Tens of millions in new margin at a plant will not come from rehashed versions of decades-old technology, nor will it come from generic AI without deep chemical engineering knowledge. We focus our AI process optimization only on hydrocarbon processing, integrating world-class AI scientists and researchers, and world-class hydrocarbon processing experts. This helps you unlock new margins by optimizing your most complicated (and profitable) processes.

Hydrocarbon processing expertise

Our solution is built on over 220 years planning and economics, process engineering, process control engineering and operations at refining and chemical plants.

Closed-loop optimization

We go beyond open-loop data-driven insights, predictions, and recommendations. Our solution integrates to your plant and optimizes your process in closed-loop.

Novel machine learning

We have developed fundamentally new scientific capabilities which did not exist before in academia or industry. We have field-proven our technology over years of work with leading refiners and operators.
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