UX Designer


Imubit is looking for a top-notch UX expert to help disrupt the process manufacturing industries with breakthrough machine learning technologies.

About us

Imubit, a Houston-based startup backed by Silicon Valley Venture Capital, has invented a new type of machine learning technology designed specifically to optimize process manufacturing plants. The company was founded by world-class machine learning scientists, globally renowned experts in oil & gas processing, and serial entrepreneurs. Its clients are among the largest global energy and chemical operators.

We are looking for

You, a resourceful, hard-working and creative UX professional with 4-7 years of experience, and a relevant academic degree. You are passionate about bringing amazing user experience to industries which use 40-year-old software. You love collaborating with multidisciplinary teams and work well in a distributed multi-cultural environment. You breath UX practices, and have conducted various types of user research activities, successfully translating them into product insights. You aspire to be one of the first players in a pioneering fast-growing team which builds manufacturing process optimization software years ahead of its competition. You are excited to be working closely with clients, deeply understanding their needs, and providing them with an experience that fundamentally changes the way they operate. You are self-motivated, well-organized, love learning new domains. You recognize a once-in-a-career opportunity and seize it.

In this position you will

  • Bring SaaS to industries which never used SaaS before.
  • Deliver a fundamentally new type of technology to the process manufacturing industry.
  • Build a product that is wildly different than anything the user has ever seen before, making a huge impact on the client’s business.
  • Connect users from different disciplines, aligning them toward a common goal.
  • Make complex concepts accessible and simple to understand and operate.
  • Work directly with Imubit’s founders and key managers on building their vision into the product.
  • Collaborate with software engineers, machine learning scientists, and chemical engineers.
  • Learn the principles of Imubit’s Machine Learning technology.
  • Learn client problems and the unique way Imubit solves them.
  • Visit client sites and collect feedback from multiple user types.
  • Understand product usage patterns and shape its roadmap.
  • Understand Imubit’s differentiation and build the product around it.
  • Introduce a user-centric mindset, UX best practices, and methods to the company’s work processes.